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Pokemon Boxing Tourney Round 2 Day 22- Lt Surge vs Wattson

#1Wolfspider86Posted 3/18/2013 5:54:35 AM
Who would 'paralysed' the other one from the neck down? - Results (35 votes)
Lt Surge
82.86% (29 votes)
17.14% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Last time, Giovanni was able scrape the win against Archie in a very close match
the score and bracket can be seen here

today we have a man who has not only killed humans but pokemon in one of the bloodiest human-pokemon wars ever, the army veteran, who that right there explains him better than anything else and Kanto's Electric Type Gym Leader, Lt Surge!

versus the man who can tank any type of voltage number, a man who is so crafty,that he built a robotic version of the Legendary Pokemon Raikou for lulz, and to scare the crap out of people, Hoenn's Electric Type Gym Leader, Wattson!

the match is set and i can feel that this match will truly be 'electrifying'
what 'shocking' developments might happen in this match that might 'stun' us?
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#2AuroraSonicBeamPosted 3/18/2013 6:16:34 AM
I can't take this poll seriously.
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#3infernoproPosted 3/19/2013 1:57:59 AM
Lt Surge
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