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If you could pick one of each starter, but...

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3 years ago#61

I would evolve them all. II
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3 years ago#62
1. Squirtle
2. Cyndaquil
3. Torchic
4. Piplup
5. Snivy
6. Chespin

Yeah, this'll work. Especially as final forms.
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3 years ago#64
Gen I: Charmander Fire
Gen II: Cyndaquil Fire II
Gen III: Treecko Grass
Gen IV: Piplup Water
Gen V: Oshawott Water II
Gen VI: Chespin Grass II
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3 years ago#65

Fennekin is my least favourite of the Gen VI starters, but I like it way more than the other fire starters.
3 years ago#66
I usually pick all the Water starters but...

Kanto: Squirtle (Water)
Johto: Totodile (Water)
Hoenn: Torchic (Fire)
Sinnoh: Chimchar (Fire)
Unova: Snivy (Grass)
PokÚParis: Chespin (Grass)

I'm indifferent about evolving any of them.
3 years ago#67
Gen.1: Bulbasaur
Gen 2: Cyndaquil
Gen 3: Mudkip
Gen 4: Pliplup (actually a tie between Pliplup and Turtwig ... i like gen.4 starters)
Gen 5: ... just keep those ugly things ... i'll take a Turtwig instead!!!
Gen 6: Fennekin

I'd evolve them all, i like all their max evolutions. And i'm not someone like Ash who just refuses to evolve his pokes (how lame is that!)
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3 years ago#68
Bulbasaur (Fully Evolve.)
Cydnaquil (Fully Evolve.)
Torchic (Fully Evolve)
Turtwig (Fully Evolve)
Oshawott (Only Dewott. Even tho I know Samurott can stand on his back legs, Dewott is still better designed.)
Fennekin (Will see what it evolves into first. :p )
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3 years ago#69
3 years ago#70
Grass; Bulbasaur, Chespin
Fire; Charmander, Cyndaquil
Water; Squirtle, Mudkip

Fully evolve all.
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