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I'd love to see a Lapras evo

#1iKhanicPosted 3/18/2013 8:08:27 PM
I know it has a big base 535 stat total, but I'd love to see Game Freak take a crack at another Nessie based pokemon.
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#2UltimaZangetsuPosted 3/18/2013 8:10:19 PM
I'd be okay with the Surf animation resembling Lapras again. It's been Wailmer-esque for quite a while.
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#3wahaha911Posted 3/18/2013 8:10:22 PM
i like lapras 1 thing a agree w/ smogon on is the name of dragon dance lapras i named my lapras that
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#4CarbideTitanPosted 3/18/2013 8:10:30 PM
I don't think he knows guys.
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