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What is your favorite Pokemon

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User Info: BlueEye0

4 years ago#61
Sceptile. That thing is just so boss!

User Info: Xavuu

4 years ago#62
Choice Band STAB surprise Quick Attack; Staraptor.

User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#63
yea the more I think about it the more I day snorlax is my favorite.
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User Info: Hero_Of_Rhyme

4 years ago#64
Pinsir and Lanturn have been my two favourites for a long time
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User Info: Cosmoesis

4 years ago#65
People on this board might get mad because of all the topics and mentions of it but...


I love Charizard, I liked him even before Ash had Charmeleon so I wasn't a ban wagoner. I went on a camping trip when I was younger and when I came back my mom had bought me a Charmander tee-shirt, a charmander in a ball for the TCG game, and a plush Charizard. Red is my favorite color and he was on the mascot for red version I could "start" with him after evolution. Red was the first GB game I had. I was always a pyro and loved fire growing up so fire quickly became my favorite type. A friend of mine also gave me his basic set holo Charizard for my birthday before he moved out of the country. I also liked dragons. yeah he's not a dragon type but pikachu isn't a mouse type so leave Charizard alone!.

User Info: Coop14

4 years ago#66
Charizard "Heaven Forbid I like him"

And many more
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User Info: noname2lazy

4 years ago#67
Tyranitar. Coolest and most badass Pokemon.

User Info: EpsteinBarr

4 years ago#68

User Info: SilverRapidash

4 years ago#69
Either Houndoom or Raichu.
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User Info: PhantomLink1

4 years ago#70
Registeel. II
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