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Ruby and Sapphire released 10 years ago today in NA

#41Thefatness16Posted 3/19/2013 7:12:06 PM
I remember not getting the game until about 3 weeks after release. All of my friends were teasing me about how amazing the games were. My hype was through the roof, and it made the wait unbearable.

Fast forward 2 weeks, and I had now played the one of the most disappointing games in my life, second only Halo Reach. Kinda weird though, since I really would love to play a R/S/E remake.
#42endergamer537Posted 3/19/2013 7:16:24 PM
I remember everyone in elementary school loved Pokemon (many in high school still do). I used to draw Pokemon in battles and stuff and sell the pictures. I also battled a lot with other people. Good memories come from Ruby and Sapphire :)
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#43Hitman1102Posted 3/19/2013 7:30:25 PM
Brandon042487 posted...
I just started high school

I just graduated HS
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#44Afrotastic_JPosted 3/19/2013 7:36:06 PM
Oh man, I was in the 1st grade.

Man, miss those days.
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#45darkmew1Posted 3/19/2013 7:36:23 PM
Fifth grade when these came out. I remember my mom mailed Sapphire to me from Michigan to me in Missouri for a late birthday present. Best present that year.
#46Thunder_man6Posted 3/19/2013 7:45:08 PM
6th grade for when these games came out. Still some of my favorite in the series.
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#47UmuruPosted 3/19/2013 7:45:32 PM
wahaha911 posted...
my friend still plays digimon thanks to him my little sister plays it

Digimon... what? I don't think there are any long standing Digimon games at the moment. o_O

Also, nostalgia topic. I remember I was in 7th grade when R/S came out. I think I was both glad and kind of sad that I wouldn't be able to transfer the Pokemon that I had been using for years onto it. I also remember my younger sister ended up getting it first... in that bundle that came with the strategy guide at Wal-Mart.
#48infernoproPosted 3/19/2013 9:03:42 PM
karasu009 posted...
I was in 8th grade. I don't feel old though. In fact I enjoy being this age.

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#49CosmoesisPosted 3/19/2013 9:08:44 PM
Hitman1102 posted...
Brandon042487 posted...
I just started high school

I just graduated HS

I'm could graduate college a semester early next fall
#50helldewPosted 3/19/2013 9:12:36 PM
Tatakai-No-Kami posted...
UltimaZangetsu posted...
And once again this board manages to make me feel old. I was in eighth grade when RS came out.

i was in seventh. i used to make money at lunch off pokemon because i had an action replay and i would hack stuff in peoples games for them. oh man, good times.

$2 for birth island
$3 for navel rock
$2 for faraway island
$2 for eon ticket
$1 for 99x of any item

I did this for free >.>
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