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Your favorite NOT fully evolved Pokemon

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3 years ago#51
Mine is easy. Buizel. And what's funny about it is I think 4th gen was the worst generation (Before plat fixed all their mistakes, but that doesn't mean they didn't happen) But I still love buizels more then any other pokemon.
3 years ago#52
Murkrow, porygon2 and dusclops, because they are beasts with the Eviolite.
3 years ago#53
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3 years ago#54
Vulpix. Zorua and Eevee are also on the list, which recently had Fennekin added to it. See a pattern here?
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3 years ago#55
Melee Jigglypuff.
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3 years ago#56
3 years ago#57
Charmander, Charmeleon, Dusclops, "Rhydon" of the top of my head.

Skorupi also has plus points for an adorable factor <3
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3 years ago#58
because I'm a cheap Dastard
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3 years ago#59

I stopped playing Colosseum just because I like to finish the games, but I didn't want to evolve it. So I got stuck between my likeness for makuhita and wanting to complete the game and evolving all of the pokemon.
3 years ago#60
I like Sandshrew and Chimchar.
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