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Your favorite NOT fully evolved Pokemon

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3 years ago#81
"tc is a moron who thinks frogs are reptiles so i wouldn't take him too seriously"
Official Natu of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
3 years ago#82
Squirtle or Chamander
Battlefield 4
3 years ago#83
Cherubi, Combee, and Whirlipede. They're my 3 favorite lines
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3 years ago#84
"Do not mock me, Raziel. You, of all of us, should respect the power bestowed by a limitation overcome."
- Rahab
3 years ago#85
3 years ago#86

Such a badass design! I dislike Toxicroak so much too.
"i've had sex with a chick who was a psy major, so yeah i think i know what aspergers is" -LiquidFuze180
3 years ago#87
elekid and jigglypuff
black 2 Alyssa F.C. 0820 3718 0630
3 years ago#88
Skarmory you... and you...are ME !
3 years ago#89
Sandshrew. Not because of any of the reasons posted in the OP, but rather because it was the very first Pokémon I ever saw while watching someone play BLUE on his GameBoy, and will always hold a special place in my list.
Swooping... is... BAD!
3 years ago#90
Jigglypuff. She's not just my favorite NFE Pokémon; she's my favorite Pokémon as a whole!
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