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Game Informer disagrees about Charizard

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3 years ago#21
Gotta love it.
3 years ago#22
Catcher_Freeman posted...
I use Game Informer when I'm out of toilet paper.

I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
3 years ago#23
Lexifox posted...
Game Informer exists to help a glorified pawnshop move its merchandise. I don't find it a credible source.

Pawn shops are money-lenders.

GameStop is a glorified secondhand shop/junk store. But not a pawn shop.
The Legend of Red Dragon Ranch - KICKSTARTER now LIVE!!
3 years ago#24
BTW I have no problem with GameStop (even though I just called it a glorified junk store lol, because well, it essentially is)

I think they're equally "money-hungry" as any other retail store in the universe so that's not a legit reason to hate them (unless you also just hate retail and big business and don't ever buy things from anywhere except individuals and extremely small businesses... which even then you're supporting retail because those people use their revenue to buy supplies and etc. from retailers and big businesses... so I guess you need to just eat by hunting wild animals and picking nuts and berries from the woods, because that's the only way you're going to eat without supporting big business that does the same kinds of customer exploitation as GameStop lol).

As a retailer, I think they do a pretty good job caring for their customers and making the customer experience a good one. I realize a lot of high-school dropouts or whatever also work at GameStops and thus are probably poor customer service representatives, but that's kind of the way retail hiring works. Very few people with good customer service skills would be in a position of getting 8 hours a week for minimum wage for very long. Those people would become management or move to a better position with a better company.

The only problem I really have is that they don't offer the greatest of employee care. I mean, it's standard for their kind of establishment, but really I think minimum wage is always pathetic. They easily could afford a timed raise system (as very few employees stick around for long) or a higher starting pay for qualified employees.

The problem is not with the individual stores' management though. They're always tight on payroll and can't even afford to give their employees decent hours. The problem comes from higher up, not allotting enough money to employees' pay.
The Legend of Red Dragon Ranch - KICKSTARTER now LIVE!!
3 years ago#25
Also, I agree with GameInformer that Charizard is indeed a Dragon. He's not a dragon-type, but he's still a dragon...

It's like saying Blaziken is not a bird. It's Fire/Fighting and it's the Blaze Pokemon.

So what is it? A blaze? A human being? A fire? A fight?

Pretty sure it's an anthropomorphic bird.

Or it's like saying Gyarados is a wet bird lmao.
The Legend of Red Dragon Ranch - KICKSTARTER now LIVE!!
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