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Your favorite Pokemon from each evolution stage.

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3 years ago#11
Polimario posted...
1/3.) Joltik
2/3.) Grovyle
3/3.) Aggron

1/2.) Staryu
2/2.) Zoroark

1/1.) Kyurem

Joltik evolves once. Wrong class for it.
3 years ago#12
1/3) duskull
2/3) electabuzz and vibrava
3/3) charizard.., jk. Chandelure, tyranitar, dragonite, salamence, and flygon

1/2) gligar, kabuto, and zorua
2/2) houndoom, arcanine, umbreon, kabutops, gliscor, zoroark, and accelgor

1/1) zangoose, dunsparce, giratina, sawk, and druddigon

Sorry, couldn't narrow it down to just 1 in each category. Hope I didn't leave any out. It's too early to think
3 years ago#13
Lotad, Whirlipede, Ludicolo
Omanyte, Cloyster
3 years ago#14



The first three were suprisingly difficult to think of. Most of my favs aren't in long evolution lines, I guess.
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3 years ago#15
Left off typhlosion...
(message deleted)
3 years ago#17


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3 years ago#18
Two stage evolution:

Lowest- Rhyhorn
Middle- Rhydon
Highest- Hydreigon

One stage evolution:

Lowest- Scyther
Highest- Gyarados

Does not evolve:

Non-legendary: Lapras
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3 years ago#19
1/3) Duskull
2/3) Shelgon
3/3) Ludicolo

1/2) Riolu
2/2) Forretress

1/1) Rotom
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3 years ago#20
1.) Azurill
2.) Sealeo
3.) Roserade

1.) Munna
2.) Jynx

1.) Torkoal
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