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What is your favorite legendary for each gen?

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3 years ago#1
Gen 1: Mewtwo
Gen 2: Lugia
Gen 3: Rayquaza
Gen 4: Darkrai
Gen 5: Zekrom/Victini
Gen 6: Yveltal so far
3 years ago#2
Black Kyurem
3 years ago#3
the third of the trio
Asianwide is on yo side!!!
3 years ago#4
Gen 1: Mew
Gen 2: Ho-Oh
Gen 3: Rayquaza
Gen 4: Oh god they are all awful. I'll say Shaymin is the best of the worst
Gen 5: Reshiram
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3 years ago#5
mewtwo,suicine,latios, giratina, zekrom
3 years ago#6
White Kyurem
Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam
3 years ago#7
Gen 1 - Articuno
Gen 2 - Lugia
Gen 3 - Kyogre (Though I really do love Rayquaza)
Gen 4 - Darkrai
Gen 5 - Reshiram (Therian Thundurus comes in a close)
Gen 6 - Yveltal
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3 years ago#8
1. Mew
2. Ho-oh
3. Rayquaza
4. Arceus
5. Reshiram
6. Yvetal for now
3 years ago#9
Gen 1.) Mew
Gen 2.) Lugia
Gen 3.) Groudon
Gen 4.) Palkia
Gen 6.) Yveltal
I am the Rain Maker.
3 years ago#10
Gen I: Mew
Gen II: Celebi
Gen III: Jirachi
Gen IV: Darkrai
Gen V: Meloetta
Gen VI: Yveltal
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