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What is your favorite legendary for each gen?

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3 years ago#11
Music for the eyes.
3 years ago#12
We don't know all the Gen 6 legends so I can't make a decision.
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3 years ago#13
Xerneas, I doubt there'll be something that can top SWORDS FOR LEGS
3 years ago#14
Gen 1: The purple cat
Gen 2: The green pixie
Gen 3: Swampert
Gen 4: The hedgehog
Gen 5: The blue genie
Gen 6: The fifth musketeer
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3 years ago#15
Gen 1: mew
Gen 2: Ho-oh
Gen 3: kyogre
Gen 4: darkrai
Gen 5: landorkus
Gen 6 : Yvetal (for now?)
~official Natural Harmonia of ALL the pokemon boards
3 years ago#16
Gen 1) Mew
Gen 2) Lugia
Gen 3) Rayquaza
Gen 4) This was actually pretty hard. I'll say... Darkrai.
Gen 5) Genesect
Gen 6) Yveltal for the time being
Official Miror Infinity Leader with his Forretress
3 years ago#17
Gen 1: Mewtwo
Gen 2: Ho-Oh
Gen 3: Kyogre
Gen 4: Palkia
Gen 5: Reshiram
Gen 6: TBD
3 years ago#18
Interesting topic.

Gen I: Arcanine (derp face). But seriously, Mew
Gen II: Lugia
Gen III: Groudon
Gen IV: Giratania
Gen V: Zekrom
3 years ago#19
1. Articuno
2. Raikou
3. Regice
4. Dialga
5. Genesect
6. Xerneas
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3 years ago#20
I: Zapdos
II: Celebi
III: Latias
IV: Shaymin
V: Victini
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