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What is your favorite legendary for each gen?

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3 years ago#71
1: Articuno (or Mewtwo when thinking about manga/movie)
2: Raikou
3: Regirock (He rocks, nuff said)
4: Darkrai (especially after the movie :P)
5: Meloetta or W.Kyurem
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3 years ago#72
Gen 1: Mewtwo
Gen 2: Celebi
Gen 3: Latias
Gen 4: Cresselia
Gen 5: Virizion
Gen 6: Xerneas
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3 years ago#73
Probably Thundurus
Yveltal thus far, probably Poison-type legendary if we get one
3 years ago#74
DoctorJimmy133 posted...


Don't overdo the joke.

Also, i c wat u did thar.
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3 years ago#75
Gen1: Articuno
Gen2: Entei
Gen3: Jirachi
Gen4: Palkia
Gen5: Reshiram
3 years ago#76
Gen 1: Articuno
Gen 2: Suicune
Gen 3: Jirachi
Gen 4: Either Heatran or Shaymin
Gen 5: Virizion Wireless
Gen 6: Xerneas so far
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3 years ago#77
Zapdos Suicune Rayquaza Manaphy Thundurus-T
3 years ago#78
VI-The Wyvern or should I say Y-VERN looking one
3 years ago#79
Ho oH
Either zekrom or kyurem-b
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3 years ago#80
Gen1: Mewtwo
Gen2: Lugia
Gen3: Groudon
Gen4: Dialga
Gen5: Reshiram
Gen6: Yveltal
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