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Pokemon Fusion: Part 6!

#381PolimarioPosted 3/24/2013 8:58:59 PM
TVirusPredator posted...
Going to bed. G'night.


Poli opened his eyes as the glowing pattern dulled. Necrodium and Twila guided Poli down.

Twila ---- "Do you hear anything?"
Draxis ---- "No...I don't."
Necrodium --- "Excellent, it worked."
Draxis ------ "Phew, I thought that voice would drive me mad."
Twila ------ "Come, let us relax."

The three left the temple, the 17 engravings of Arceus and their omnipresent force inside.

Draxis had another sleepless night. His mind was on Kyurem.

Did Kyurem know about my nature? The fact I was a Seraphim hybrid?

In that case, was Kyurem the one at fault? My...everything could have been different if Kyurem didn't beckon me on that fateful night.

He looked at the hand that once bore the Triad of Kyurem. Rage built up in him, and the hand clenched into a fist.

Was I just a pawn to Kyurem? It fuses with me, turns me into a murderer, and just...leaves.

I'm going to make that Ice Dragon pay. He deserves to suffer. It'l
made me suffer the guilt of actions under it's influence...

In the silence of night, Poli slipped out and teleported to the Great Chasm.
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#382ChangliniPosted 3/24/2013 9:18:25 PM(edited)
And.. This is going to be interesting..
*Stares at pudding&vortex with great dislike*

Anyways, not gonna be able to come through anything right now(Soo much groups..), so I'll just try to force myself to sleep with the impending doom in mind.
#383willingmessPosted 3/24/2013 9:23:16 PM
Changlini posted...
And.. This is going to be interesting..
*Stares at pudding&vortex with great dislike*

Anyways, not gonna be able to come through anything right now(Soo much groups..), so I'll just try to force myself to sleep with the impending doom in mind.

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#384Gubbey(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2013 1:28:16 AM
"I once took a magic class in the Unseen University," Mephistopheles said. "I was disappointed to find I didn't learn anything. Do you know why that is?"

Sadie didn't respond. She was wrapped in a blanket, close to a blazing fire. Mephistopheles stayed away from the heat, his fear of fire ever looming.

"Because their teaching sucked," Mephistopheles continued. "...Excuse my rudeness. But you can only teach by doing. You gotta show your pupil what you gotta do, you gotta keep them on your toes. Comprendé?"

"...Yeah, I guess," Sadie grumbled. "Your teaching method is quite... In your face."

All the while, Angelica and Angelo hung back, the training amusing them immensely.

"Plus, I made a promise to your father," Mephistopheles pointed out. "I'm gonna turn you into a proper spellslinger if i kills me. Or you."

Sadie stood up, her resolve renewed. "Right then. I'm ready for another round!"

"Girl, this isn't a competition," Mephistopheles chuckled. "It's just a class."

"Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference with you," Angelica commented.

"Thank you," Mephistopheles replied. "Now I know I'm doing a good job. Now, Sadie... Turn to page 34."

Page 34: Spark

"An electric spell? While I'm soaking wet?" Saide rolled her eyes.

"Indeed. There's never been a better opportunity!" the demon answered with glee. "Don't worry. You can regenerate, can't you?"

Angelo chuckled. "This'll be good."
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#385Gubbey(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2013 3:23:47 AM
Night Bimp.
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willingmess posted...
Changlini posted...
And.. This is going to be interesting..
*Stares at pudding&vortex with great dislike*

Anyways, not gonna be able to come through anything right now(Soo much groups..), so I'll just try to force myself to sleep with the impending doom in mind.

Do you wanna know what Pudding is making?

Eh, I think I know what exactly he could be making..
I'll see if I can guess during this one thing I'm doing..
#387Number_0nePosted 3/25/2013 3:56:26 AM
Zade picked himself up off the ground, in immense pain.

That lunatic, attacking me in the air like that!

He looked around to see Miki lying unconscious on the ground. She was bleeding badly from her head, and Zade could tell her injuries could be fatal.

I'd better get to a hospital soon. Ahhh!

He had attempted to fly, but a wing was broken. He transformed back into a person, but 1 of his arms was broken. With his other arm, he picked up Miki, and walked off slowly, looking for a hospital.

This isn't good. If I can't fly, she's likely to be dead soon.
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#388PolimarioPosted 3/25/2013 4:28:37 AM
[Giant Chasm]

Silence. A perpetual cold wind blew as a frosty mist was omnipresent; the chance of freezing omnipotent. Trees grew, neatly lined, long since having adapted to the cold. There was only silence, cold, unsettling silence.

A burst of wisps, and a Seraphim Hybrid, an entity of Light and Dark, the channel upon which those two energies flow, teleports in.

He's on a mission. Not to save the world, but a personal one. For the beast that lurks in the Chasm had a personal relation with the hybrid.

After all, Polimario Draxis was the one who Kyurem fused with many years ago.

The angel-demon hybrid slipped out of heaven, and into the mortal world he had abandoned, for there's a stake with his name on it. Because Poli Draxis, in his time as Kyurem's Sign Fuser, wrecked cities, ate people, froze regions, and rampaged. Now, with the black hole incident pinned on him, the time for forgiveness has expired.

He enters the cave, the cold boring down on him. Braving it, he delves inside. Braving it, he enters the deep caverns. Braving it, he confronts Kyurem.

The ice dragon looks up, noticing Draxis, and stands up.

"Why have you come back to me?"

"Personal business."

"I see that look on your is one of anger, of hatred. Why do you hate me?"

"Let's list off. One, you ruined the good life I had many, many years now past. Two, your voracious nature has caused me to consume humans, at the expense of myself. Three, your violent attitude turned me into a mass murderer. Four, when you left me, not so much as an apology came from you. No farewell. Nothing. Like I was just your puppet!"


"Need I go on? You RUINED me, and you don't care. If not for her crystallization ability, Sonya would have been boiling in my stomach acid. Cities wrecked. A person who should've been a good pal forced to kill me! And. You. Don't. CARE!

Kyurem let loose a mighty roar, and lunged forth, attempting to tear Draxis in two. The hybrid swiftly evaded.

"Do not overstep your line, hybrid! You may be amongst the ranks of the Seraphim, but us Legends are your superiors!"

"Ha ha, funny. Why don't you see how foolish you truly have been, Legend of Ice?"

"Foolish? She WAS right! Ever since the DST went from trying to merely reach the unreachable to experimenting on US, the world balance has fallen apart! Seraphim Hybrid, former Fuser of myself, I entrusted you with my power! To defeat Akuro! But since you are so keen on defying me like the rest of them, I will feast upon your blood and bone!"

Draxis suddenly felt his wings chill and frost; his blood pumped slower, ice formed on him.

I-It's freezing me solid!

Kyurem --- "Your mix of blood may have granted you immunities to that which slays angels and roasts demons, but ice...the ever neutral, ever cold ice, it affects you even more now!"

Draxis prepared for teeth, his flesh tearing away. To see himself bit in half. Or worse, to go down that icy grey gullet and be painfully dissolved in the belly of the beast. But, before anything, a sudden BOOM, the sound of a cannon firing, and Kyurem was recoiling back. A Genesect stood in front of the half-frozen Draxis.

GenePoli ---- "Stop this madness now, Kyurem!"

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#389ThatPersonGuyPosted 3/25/2013 4:50:24 AM
Sorry Changlini, but I'll have to hold the Lucy for the moment.

Peter's Side

"So, you finally came to see me?"

I walk into the Chapel. Its shining indigo walls surround me with an eerie sense of unease. I continue to walk in silence, until I see him. Before me, on a wooden chair sits the Grandmaster of the Castle. He raises his head, wearily rising to his feet.

"Yeah, I came," I say.

"Very... good," he manages to sputter out. "But, if I may ask, why? Why have you come here?"

I look to the walls, admiring the paintings that adorned them. "Because... I need answers."

"Everyone needs answers, boy," he replies. "Why are your answers more valuable that others?"

"Look, let me just cut to the chase- you know as well as I do that the Castle's days are numbered."

Grandmaster laughs, saying "And you should know as well as I do that one cannot number days in the place where time stands still."

His words draw my memory to the day I found myself here, in the Afterlife.

Five years ago.

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#390PolimarioPosted 3/25/2013 5:39:29 AM(edited)
Kyurem ----- "It is not madness! I an simply eradicating the one responsible for the black hole in Driftveil!"
GenePoli ---- "What he did does not matter. What matters now is your decision!"
Kyurem ------ "And I choose to end HIM!"

The dragon lunged for Draxis, only for GenePoli to send him flying into the cave wall with an X-Scissor. The icicles above shook.

Kyurem bellowed, and became White Kyurem. Triggering Overdrive, it melted the ice, as it summoned a huge Fusion Flare.

Kyurem ------ "Those who defy the order, defy her must be punished!"

GenePoli looked around, seeing no escape. Kyurem-W grinned.

Kyurem ------ "We may have been allies long ago, Genesect. But I cannot be defied. She dictates it."
GenePoli ------- "Who? Who dictates it?"
Kyurem ------ "She, wh-"

Draxis, free from the ice, leaps for Kyurem, trying to protect the bug. Surprised, Kyurem sends the Flare crashing straight into the Seraphim Hybrid. He crumpled.

Kyurem ------- "You wield great power, hybrid. But you no longer have my endurance. May the bala-"
Draxis ------ 'You... are NOT winning this... you *****!"
GenePoli ----- "Mother of Arceus!"

Draxis got up, rather charred, but still fighting. In his palms, spheres of Light and Dark appeared, and he lunged for Kyurem.

The beast's eyes widened, when, suddenly, everything halted. The frozen scene greyed out, leaving the participants stuck.

GenePoli ----- W-What?
Kyurem ------ She...she

A sinister, seductive giggle. Nothing. A shillouette of a woman flashed in, and thrusts her rapier into Draxis.

"My little pawn defies me again. Kyurem, come. We must deal with that traitorous fool."

Another flash, and she takes her weapon out of Draxis. A final flash, and the woman disappears with Kyurem. Colors flood the scene as life and motion return.

Draxis, whom was frozen in midair, falls down. He gets up, managing to kneel, clutching his abdomen. Silver blood dripped down, through the space between his fingers of the holding hand. He was in pain.

Draxis ------ "W-who...was that?"
GenePoli ---- "Haven't a clue. You need medical attention."

Draxis looked to see the wound the rapier inflicted had not been healed by regeneration, where as the injuries taken from Kyurem has healed.

GenePoli ---- "And fast."
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