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World Tournament Final Battle music is gooood

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  3. World Tournament Final Battle music is gooood
2 years ago#1
I was listening to it while working on a project, and I got hooked.
Btw this is a Gen 5 music appreciation topic.
Official Miror Infinity Leader with his Forretress
2 years ago#2
Indeed it is. Some of my other favorite gen 5 songs include:
-Dragonspiral Tower
-Team Plasma Battle (B1W1 especially, but B2W2's version is cool as well)
-Credits (^)
-N's Final Battle
-Aspertia City
-Route 10
-Route 23
-Lacunosa Town
-Mistralton City
-Humilau City
-Abyssal Ruins
-Tao Dragon Battle
-B2W2 Rival Battle
-Colress Battle
-Elite Four Battle
-Clay and Marlon's gym arrangements
-All of the PWT remixes
-Various PMD:GTI songs
Official Houndoom of the Pokemon XY boards.
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  3. World Tournament Final Battle music is gooood

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