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Pokemon X and Y on the Wii U

#11faruwayPosted 3/23/2013 9:31:33 AM
pokemega32 posted...
faruway posted...
One question, Gamefreak haven't made a Stadium/Battle Revolution game of the Gen 5 yet? Am I right?

Game Freak hasn't made a Stadium/Battle Revolution-type game ever.

Spin-offs are developed by other groups. Game Freak only makes the main titles.

Oh! Okay, I really didn't know that. I know the spinoffs are developed by other groups but I don't know about Stadium/Battle Revolution. Never played those games before but I seen the gameplay, it looks cool.
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#12R0cks0l1ddPosted 3/23/2013 10:07:19 AM
What Serebii said but I remember hearing that GF was making a full Pokemon RPG for the 64DD before it bombed. I wonder how that would have turned out since the DD had could go online.
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#13CakeOfLiesPosted 3/23/2013 10:09:21 AM
TranquilSea posted...
And be limited to playing it in front of a television? No thanks.

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#14thisguy12(Topic Creator)Posted 3/23/2013 11:54:43 AM
I guess the pokemon games should be portable.
Still, a Wii U version would definitely have more content that a 3DS version.
And I don't believe that a home console would be inconvenient. You can still trade online.
#15roo10158Posted 3/23/2013 12:14:56 PM
CakeOfLies posted...
TranquilSea posted...
And be limited to playing it in front of a television? No thanks.

This. It goes against what pokemon is about, which is being portable (hence the name Pocket Monsters)
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