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previous gen pokemon you want in this game

#21Valkerion757Posted 3/23/2013 7:39:30 PM(edited)
Retooled Ekans please.

Weedle~Kakuna~Beedrill with proper stats. Seriously this is is horribly weak. Thankfully hacked versions of the old games gave it at least usable stats.

Spheal but meet it at a lower level, sick of seeing one of my favorites at level 42+ ect.

Yanma another personal favorite


Shiftry but retooled, needs a better move pool. And FREAKING LEAF BLADE IT ONLY MAKES SENSE


Zapdos (surprise everyone GF)





Sawsbuck for whatever reason I like this one lol.


PINSIR EVOLUTION! Its been 15 years... do it!

I'd say Zubat so I can get my Crobat... but we all know these bastards are in the caves waiting for us haha.
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