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at what point did you learn about EVs and IVs?

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User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#31
I forgot when I learned about it. Probably around the end of 4th gen or beginning of 5th.
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User Info: nittt

4 years ago#32
Fourth gen through my friends when they were using pokesav. Eventually I started to learn how to do it legitimately without cheats during pearl with aid from Great website btw. First EV trained pokemon was Dragonite. I started to give a crap about IVs around late gen IV.
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User Info: DarkDemon373

4 years ago#33
4th gen is when I started.
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User Info: RedShadowww

4 years ago#34
About 2 months ago.

User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#35
I'm in pretty much the same boat as TC. Haven't played for 6 years when Diamond first came out. I had always known about EVs and IVs pretty early on, but because I had no way of seeing them, I didn't pay much attention. Now I'm replaying all the games and actually focusing on bringing out the real power of my Pokemon..... Can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing, considering I had always liked Pokemon for how easy and laid back it was. Now if I notice that a Pokemon is weak, I try to adjust its stats to help it to the point of tedium.
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User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#36
wahaha911 posted...
when i got 3rd gen
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#37
Late 4th gen, actually began seriously breeding during 5th.
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