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Round 1: Best Fire Starter

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2 years ago#31
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2 years ago#32
TherianReturns posted...
People calling Emboar worthless. I guess as the only true Pokemon fan, allow me to educate you. You are wrong, NO Pokemon is worthless. Especially not a beatstick like Emboar is. Disappointed yet again with these boards.

I actually approve of this post, except for the bolded part. Competitive usefulness is not everything, people.

I'm not a fan of its design, and I don't like that it's Fire/Fighting, and it's definitely not as good as Infernape or Blaziken, but it's certainly useful for playing through the game, right?
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2 years ago#33
kwando1313 posted...
iKhanic posted...
Remember when I said Charizard was overrated? Yeah, this is what I mean.

Glad to see you finally admit it...

What? That was too much fun to do.

Charizard was overrated a few years ago. Now there has been so much backlash that it balances out his popularity.

Blaziken is the new star of the show now, along with other nostalgia kings like the Hoenn region, the Gamecube, and Zelda: Wind Waker
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2 years ago#34
Typhlosion. That 6 foot 3 Bucket of self Cooking KFC is overrated!
2 years ago#35
I went with typhlosion, but its close between it and blaziken.
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