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Make a monotype band.

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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#1
Lead Vocal: Frosslass
Guitar: Gengar
Bass: Dusknoir
Drums: Sableye
Keyboard/Backup Vocal: Mismagius
Cowbell: Golurk

Name: After Life Special
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User Info: pokemon2poker

4 years ago#2
Lead vocals: Carnivine
Back up vocals: Roserade
Guitar: Shiftry
Bass: Tangrowth
Drums: Turtwig
Keyboard: Parasect

Band name: Little Caskets
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User Info: mralpha543

4 years ago#3
Lead Vocal: Pinsir
Guitar/Secondary Vocals: Heracross
Drums: Scyther
Bass: Ledyba

Band Name: The Beatles
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User Info: BlueGaryOak

4 years ago#4
Nobody? Really?

Lead Singer and bass: Jigglypuff
Back up singer and Guitar: Chatot
Violin/trumpet/rhythm guitar as needed: Kricketune
Drums: Ambipom


piano/synths: Exploud
Guitar 1: Mr. Mime
Bass: Mime Jr.
Drums: Snover

Band name: Soundproof
I am ddg

User Info: DigiPokeManiac

4 years ago#5
BlueGaryOak posted...

Lead Kricketune and bass: Kricketune
Kricketune and Guitar: Kricketune
Violin/trumpet/Kricketune as needed: Kricketune
Kricketune: Kricketune

Band name: JAM Project
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