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Would you let Iris sit on your face?

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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

4 years ago#61
Nah, thats not something I'd find appealing.

Now Erika/Phoebe/Skyla sitting on my lap? That could work just fine.
Feel free to apply sarcasm tags if you didn't like my post.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#62
emeraldfox_09 posted...
I like Iris, but I have respect for myself.
Message board arguments in a nutshell.

User Info: Noctus3

4 years ago#63
**** you SE for trolling us with that TWEWY port. I hate you.

User Info: NaughtyGhost

4 years ago#64
Lexi, what are you gonna do if your next boyfriend/girlfriend wants you to sit on their face? Will you insist that you're not a hippie and just go sit in a chair?
Do not censor my voice, or soften my unit.
They must remain loud and rigid, respectively.

User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#65
Aaand I can no longer take TC seriously.
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User Info: infernopro

4 years ago#66

But May is always welcome to do it.
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