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Your reaction to your first shiny...

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3 years ago#61
/sarcasm "Wow, the exact same pokemon, but a different COLOR!"
3 years ago#62

This is the best I've ever seen
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3 years ago#63
*Surfs at Lake of Rage*
Hey it's that Gyarados I read about!
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3 years ago#64
First Shiny ever: Bidoof.
Encountered while EV-training Uxie in HP on route 201.
Reaction: *gasp* *then a slow smile, then a facepalm* "Really... Wow."

Second Shiny: Sneasel.
Encountered while randomly traveling through the three routes heading to snowpeak city.

Reason Sneasel earned such a strong reaction:
Weavile is my absolute favorite pokemon; FINALLY getting a Shiny of it was a moment I would adore immensely.

This Weavile was my First EV-trained pokemon, and my First Lv100 Pokemon.

Funny thing about the Shiny Weavile it is now:
It's name is Waffle.
Here on GameFAQs, Waffle is a spelling correction suggestion for the name Weavile.

See for yourself:
Weavile: Wea vile, Wea-vile, Weevil, Weave, Revile, Waffle, Weevils, Heavily, Servile, Wearily, Weaving, Waive, Weaver, Wailer, ... ... ...
3 years ago#65
I loled @ this

Worse case scenario made live
3 years ago#66

Huge eyes, mouth wide open, silence. Stared at it for about a minute before throwing one of my many duplicated Master Balls at it (thank god for those).

It was a shiny Carvanha, by the way. Sweet colouring.
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