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The True Reason People Hate Smogon (Archived)
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Sinnoh Starter Megas (Archived)
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El_Houndoomo1312/12 6:09AM
Do I need to level my pokemon for competitive to 100? (Archived)basketheadx712/12 1:52AM
Can I get some advice for the Battle Maison? (Archived)
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fire_bolt1112/11 11:43PM
video tip on how to defeat double battle chatelain (Archived)ggvtp212/11 11:30PM
What's the fastest way to get through the story? (Archived)Gotenksgeto312/11 4:31PM
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Transfer mega stones (Archived)The_Cisco212/11 1:43PM
When does Jigglypuff learn Cute Charm? (Archived)fadedyouthontd212/11 1:13PM
Johto Starter Megas X edition (Archived)
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El_Houndoomo7212/11 12:21PM
Catching a decent mewtwo (Archived)Tokejugg512/11 12:18PM
Has anyone collected all Events into a single list?? (Archived)Tacanacy212/11 11:52AM
So it's been seven years since the Smogon Story (Archived)
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ProvocativeFlow15712/11 11:21AM
is this aegislash viable (Archived)ggvtp612/11 10:59AM
Rate my Parafusion team? (Archived)fire_bolt912/11 10:08AM