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What are your Top 5 Favorite Pokemon

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3 years ago#31
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3 years ago#32
2-5 not sure of the order
Haxorus Dragonite Charizard Lapras Samurott

Honorable Mentions
Arcanine Excadrill Hydreigon Serperior Krookadile

Possible additions
Chespin Evo, Fennekin Evo
3 years ago#33
Ninetales(Sun is fun, plus it is just such a beautiful Pokémon)
Bisharp(There's just something about its tendency to do amazing flips and use its blades with expert precision)
Swoobat(Such a silly and fun Pokémon, plus it can wreak things after a couple Calm Minds)
Palkia (The only Water Dragon besides Kingdra, I like its color scheme plus the pearl in its shoulder is a nice touch. Spacial rend is a nice move).
Vanilluxe (The triple ice pun Pokémon of deliciousness. It even has a straw sticking out for maximum humor).

There are so many others I really like, such as Espeon or Starly though.
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3 years ago#34
1 Ninetales
2 Suicune
3 Ho-oh
4 Eevee
5 Lucario
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3 years ago#35

Sorry Sheddy, only 5 this time.
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3 years ago#36
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