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CyndaLockes 1- FamilyLocke with Lumina and Chomp! (oh yeah, and a random Slugma)CyndaquilForeva69/1 4:43AM
Is the Fairy-type really broken?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
PokemonFan1294449/1 4:39AM
if u are free i want to add friend becuase safariescot90069/1 4:34AM
Anyone prefer the original design of Red?Nightstar199429/1 4:29AM
escadrill a necessity for sandstorm teams?OutRajeuZ109/1 4:20AM
Anyone know how to use powersaves with no cartridge? I downloaded Y.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
MasterDan118159/1 3:40AM
Are the powersaves IV codes back up yet?Irnkman69/1 3:38AM
Powersaves IV Codes are BACK!!!......Xerxes13279/1 3:37AM
Why can't I complete this game?
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Impurity_149/1 3:22AM
Is garchomp the goat dragon because it is viable in all formats?
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LightningAce11129/1 3:12AM
IV codes - one at a time guysNew_Madal_no_5419/1 2:38AM
Mega Gengar is so awesome that even the ubers cant hold him...neo1mark29/1 2:14AM
meh nuzelocke team! :(DeathParade8729/1 2:08AM
Does anyone know how Powersave's All Badges cheat will prevent story completion?
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-Unowninator-129/1 1:53AM
ITT I tier out the typesgamepimp1289/1 1:53AM
Togekiss & Aurasphere hitting really weak?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
JustinYummy139/1 1:50AM
Is Impish a good nature for Trevenant or should I go for careful?iceclimbersFH29/1 12:41AM
Popular rain locations?geno2179/1 12:16AM
Watch & Rate my Team (Closed)heavyarmsjim3739/1 12:15AM
Did anyone get the Canadian September newsletter email yet?AscendingLeo19/1 12:12AM