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Best Pokemon that starts with the letter... - Day 03

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User Info: CaptainKatsura

4 years ago#71
Topic should've ended after Charzard.
Herp-a derp

User Info: shep_dogg

4 years ago#72

all pokemon from red and blue are still the coolest imo

User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#73
Crawdaunt <3
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User Info: Aitch1234

4 years ago#74
Someone needs to take away your keyboard until you're able to read the explicit meaning in sentences without implying whatever you want in order to be contrary.

User Info: Squall88888

4 years ago#75
Thepenguinking2 posted...
DBF__ posted...

User Info: banana360

4 years ago#76
This reminds me of English classes where we'd put bulls*** meanings to things the that the authors didn't intend. - curryandrice

User Info: Rainierman

4 years ago#77
Ahh, tough choice. Until now I never realized my 2 favorite Pok'emon start with C xD. Crobat and Cyndaquil.

Ahh, I'll just vote for Tyhplosion when the time comes. So I vote Crobat!
Official Rainierman of..! ... eh... Gamefaqs I guess...

User Info: joshrew

4 years ago#78
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User Info: lighting_deity

4 years ago#79
Rose_Mage posted...

this but i wanted to say charizard.
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User Info: GraphiteFalcon

4 years ago#80
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