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Pokemon that would make sense with another type

#51endergamer537Posted 3/30/2013 8:32:54 AM
Hydoom posted...
I HEAVILY Disgree with Luxray being Electric/Dark.

'Lux' is a measurement of Light, and 'Ray' can be attributed to a ray of -light-. Light is opposite of Dark.
Luxray's Pokedex states it can view things through X-ray vision; X-ray is a form of electromagnetic wave, which visible light is also an electromagnetic wave. >>
With so much association to Light, it really shouldn't be a dark type. But additionally, no "Light" type should be added to accomodate the 'light' aspect. Light and X-rays are electromagnetic waves, so electric type is a fine enough type on it's own.

As for the topic...

Braviary being Fighting/Flying is good; and props to the poster who said "Flying/'MERICA!"
Gothitele being Dark/Psychic is a no brainer.
Milotic being Water/Dragon would be a wee bit overpowering, but reasonable.
Seismitoad and his prevolutions should have been Water/Poison.

I'm strangely fine with Golurk staying as Ghost/Ground...

Just correcting an error- in Pokemon the Dark type refers to underhanded, cheap tactics or evil things. It does not refer to the absence of light.
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#52NessEggmanPosted 3/30/2013 8:42:20 AM
Masquerain - Bug/Water
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#53D_BartPosted 3/30/2013 9:22:27 AM
Hydoom posted...

I'm strangely fine with Golurk staying as Ghost/Ground...

Well, they're golems, and made out of clay....

In terms of the most obvious ones:

Braviary as Flying/Fighting (especially since its foil is Dark/Flying)

Psyduck line as Water/Psychic (self explanatory)

Cofagrigus as Ghost/Rock/Steel/Ground (again, fairly self explanatory)

Seismitoad as Water/Poison (C'mon, its ability even has to do with poisoning the opponent)