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Hopefully this game has a pokewalker...

#1President_MarthPosted 3/28/2013 10:39:17 PM
That way people can do this
#2Jarred623Posted 3/28/2013 10:41:00 PM
Who wants a device that tells you how much you love the target audience?
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#3FuneralCakePosted 3/28/2013 10:41:36 PM
a) If it does include anything like the Pokewalker, it'll be tied to the 3DS itself, since it already has a built-in pedometer.
2) Pokemon can only gain one level at a time in the Pokewalker.
3) Washing and drying a Pokewalker completely ruins it. Mine died that way, but luckily I had another.
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