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was it a good idea to announce the games that early?

#11mariobros01Posted 3/29/2013 6:07:32 AM
AlphaDiamond posted...
Jrx1 posted...
Yes. Otherwise, what would you want for the upcoming Pokemon Movies? After Genesect there is no more material to cover, and Sylveon already appears in the Movie 16 Mini Movie anyway.

In other words, it's always like that.

i don't get the comparison with Pokemon Movies. one thing is that users know about a game and other thing completely different is that people are working on games and movies. probably right now they are working on the next movie, but we don't know anything about the games (if we don't count starters, two legendaries and sylveon)

one example: pokemon gold and pokemon movie 2. the movie was released in japan in July 1999 and the game was released in November 1999, but in the movie we could see Marill, Snubull and Slowking, which didn't existed until then. they could have done the same: reveal sylveon in the movie as an indication and then reveal the games. and in that time probably they didn't use the same ways as today to announce it (internet, social nets, etc)

Speaking of Pokémon Movies, Are they TV movies? Or in theaters?
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mariobros01 posted...
Speaking of Pokémon Movies, Are they TV movies? Or in theaters?

Theaters in Japan, TV movies everywhere else.
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