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What trainer are you?

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3 years ago#41
Sweepers and Baton Passers. With a healer/wall like Chansey, Blissey, or Vaporeon.
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3 years ago#42
Honesty I just play with my favourites.. I'll probably play the game through trying to get 6 different types in my party and then when I can poke-transfer I'll send over my best from other games. My Lvl 100 Mew from the 10year Pokemon anniversary event, Shiny Magnezone, Shiny Rapidash, Shiny Venasaur (Recieved via wifi; Nicknamed Oscar -.-) Rhyperior and maybe Togekiss. I prefer not to use Legendarys so I sometimes deposit Mew and go with Leafeon. I always wanted a grass type Eeveelution.

So I guess I'm a Shiny/ Evolution lover?
3 years ago#43
Gimmicky trainer :P

Giving Blissey Counter and max Defense, catches people off guard every single time :).
3 years ago#44
1337 h4x0r w/ 720noscopezzz bkkilla please purchase doritos and mountain dew 4lyfe
3 years ago#45
Nomytaker posted...
Average. Meaning I use regular pokemon, no legendaries, no find perfect IV's/natures, as soon as I find a new pokemon....I catch it.

Catch them all.....Catch ALL the pokemon (except for evolved forms)

This then train the new Pokemon until it evolve in final form, put in the box... then repeat all over again, therefore the Pokemons that doesn't evolve are always in the box, never seen the sunlight again...e.g. in RBY, caught a Ditto, never left Box 1.
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3 years ago#46
Sort of average with a bit of sweeper sprinkled on top.
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