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Have you ever defeated an uber team with an OU team?

#51barbicudPosted 4/5/2013 8:07:42 PM
_KGC_ posted...
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_KGC_ posted...
Heh, just had this happen. I didn't even wanted to use this team. I thought I pre-selected my ubers team... guess I didn't >_>

I lol'd when HP Fire triggered Flash Fire on Heatran. Did you see that coming?

Honestly, yea. Most Giratina-O use some weird set of HP Fire, Shadow Sneak, Draco Meteor and Dragon Tail/Dragon Claw/Outrage

Wow, you must be pretty good...

Not really. Just got lucky ._.

Didn't expect him to go for it. Maybe I'm not thinking outside my own predictions, but I would've expected the double switch or protect on your part and would've tried to hit whatever came in as hard as possible with a Draco Meteor or something. Regardless, the switch into Heatran was a good check. No luck there bro.Great move.