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What's your favorite Ninetales set?

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3 years ago#11
ColtCababa posted...
If you go on Smogon's Ninetales page, it basically says that Ninetales is useless and sucks and the only reason you should use it is because of Drought, otherwise it is a s*** Pokemon and Garchomp, Starmie, and Scizor are the best Pokemon in the meta game and if you don't use them you are the worst trainer ever. So f*** Smogon, f*** the Smogonites, and f*** how Ninetales is one of the only Fire-type Pokemon to have access to Energy Ball, but has Drought and SolarBeam, which makes it f***ing pointless.

[rant over]

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3 years ago#12
252 spd
252 spattack

Nodest nature

Hp ground
Nasty plot
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