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Most annoying thing on the boards?

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User Info: jamieyello

4 years ago#41
Antigenwunners, it's like we're burning witches.
It's different again.

User Info: ybro845

4 years ago#42
The_Sol_Blader posted...
From: GalladetheGreat | #010
The users.
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#43
Charizard topics I don't make
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User Info: Skull_pro

4 years ago#44
Bountyan posted...
All the wyncorporation threads. They're uninteresting and have little discussion value.

That depends. The one asking to catch a wyncorp generated pokemon within 24 had genuine discussion value and was a pretty nice idea.
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User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#45
The perverts, including TIGERJACKS0N-.
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User Info: GiftedACIII

4 years ago#46
General ignorance and stupidity of the boards
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