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Will we hit 800 Pokemon this gen?

#21CrystalKing5426Posted 4/4/2013 7:17:06 AM
sheep007 posted...
We'll be trolled and get 699.

Only 50 new ones?
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#22HejiruPosted 4/4/2013 8:11:45 AM
Based on how they like to get close to a round number but stop I'm guessing we'll get almost 800 but not quite. Grand total somewhere around 784 or 792 or something like that.

I mean, they stopped at 386 in Gen 3, they stopped at 493 in Gen 4, and stopped at 649 in Gen 5. It would have only taken 14/7/1 more Pokemon, respectively. So they don't care about stopping at round numbers.
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#23SpacePirateKhanPosted 4/4/2013 11:13:48 AM
CakeOfLies posted...
Archwing3441 posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
"Well over 700" =/= 800.

while it's true that if they had 800 pokemon, they would say that instead of well over 700, I do want to point out that 800 actually does = well over 700. well over 700 is the same as x>700. 800 fits that role...

Yes, but why wouldn't Game Freak just say "Gen VI will have 800 Pokemon"?

Because there's going to be around/atleast 5 "secret" Pokemon that GameFreak will have to close its eyes, cover its ears and cry "LA LA LA LA" to tune us out while they pretend we don't know they exist yet. The "official" number will be less than 800 until those are revealed years later.
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