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I can't believe what just happened

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User Info: endergamer537

3 years ago#11
Luigifan141 posted...
Thunder_Armor posted...
pokemon2poker posted...
jayman7 posted...
I like how 4/3/11 is an anagram for today's date.

Strange Coincidence

It also happens to be my birthday.

The date, not the year of course.

You're only two years old?


I can't trust anything today...
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User Info: wahaha911

3 years ago#12
CM_Ponch posted...
I am a Pokemon Cartridge Fixer, I am legally licensed by the country. For the low price of 70 U.S. dollars, you can ship me your game and your DS(Don't want to reset that Join Avenue ;) ), and I will consider fixing it. For an extra 30 dollars, I'll even throw in a free hat.

Well I can fix it for only $700 and will include a free pen for an extra $300
Asianwide is on yo side!!!

User Info: pokemon2poker

3 years ago#13
I made a video for all you skeptics. I'll be able to upload it as soon as I'm somewhere with wifi.
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