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If they were to add a new type,what would you rather have?

#1SMASHKING84Posted 4/1/2013 8:03:36 PM
If they were to add a new type,what would you rather have? - Results (35 votes)
45.71% (16 votes)
17.14% (6 votes)
2.86% (1 votes)
14.29% (5 votes)
20% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Light would be strong against dark and fellow light types(like dragon) it'd be weak to ghost type
Sound Would Be strong against electric and normal but weak to Steal and rock
Rainbow would be the opposite of the shadow type strong agianst everything and weak agaist everything each rainbow pokemon would be dual typed.

Fruit Type would be special any time a pokemon attacks it has a 10% of getting hungry(hunger work like beserk status they get higher attack power but you cannot control they for 2-5 turns) Weak to steel
Other Make up a type and it's strengths and weaknesses(cannot change existing types including options 1-4)
Jirachi is the best pokemon
#2UltimaZangetsuPosted 4/1/2013 8:03:57 PM
Other: RNG type
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