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Best Pokemon that starts with the letter... - Day 05

#141Haste_2Posted 4/2/2013 6:19:08 PM
The sole vote for Electrode. Aw, yeah, explosions! I especially like the shiny Electrode... pit it against the regular one, and it's like BYU vs. U of U.... >_>
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#142ArcXenosPosted 4/2/2013 6:19:25 PM
SuperRup91 posted...

Nanomachines, SON
#143PointmanPosted 4/2/2013 6:25:09 PM
I don't like Arbok though...but the little snake is cool.
#144CoolFangsPosted 4/2/2013 6:27:29 PM
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#145The_DeskPosted 4/2/2013 6:37:56 PM
#146Yargitsu99zPosted 4/2/2013 6:44:59 PM
[Expletive deleted at request of Gamefaqs]
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#147MTGxerxesPosted 4/2/2013 6:46:14 PM
Hmm.. Dragonite or Dusknoir. So tough... I feel like Dusknoir is going to be neglected anyway so I'll go Dragonite.
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#148BigPappy09Posted 4/2/2013 7:09:21 PM
#149Dreag0nPosted 4/2/2013 7:09:27 PM

He's badass.
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#150RyoukaiPosted 4/2/2013 7:14:52 PM
Torn between Espeon and Eevee.. but I think I'll go with Eevee on this one.
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