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If you could change one letter...

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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#11
U and I together.
"Murder of the living is tragic, but murder of the idea is unforgivable." - Janus, speaker of the synod

User Info: EpicYoshi801

3 years ago#12
Magikarp ---> Magicarp
Bayleef ---> Bayleaf
Cyndaquil ---> Cyndaquill
Quilava ---> Quillava
Groudon ---> Groundon
Vespiquen ---> Vespiqueen
Eelektrik ---> Eelektrick
Thundurus ---> Thunderus
Official Donphan of the Pokemon X board. Official Yoshi of the SSBU board.

User Info: ThatKipp

3 years ago#13
From: Estheimaster | #008
Hydreigon -> Hydraigon

I cannot spell it's name at all and it's one of my favorite Pokémon.

By doing that, you destroy the pronunciation. It's hi-dry-gon, since "dry" is how you pronounce drei, the number 3 in German.
Official Zangoose of the Pokemon X board+Only member of my one-man team
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User Info: _Taidow_

3 years ago#14
Mrs. Mime for female Mr. Mime.
"The answer to a question I never asked." - Bridget Tice
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