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I want an ice/bug in this game just to see how bad it will be

#11TIGERJACKS0N-(Topic Creator)Posted 4/3/2013 9:47:59 AM
LenneValkirye posted...
Smogon has created an ice/bug pokemon named Syclant and it's ridiculously good.
Bad defensive type alone doesn't mean anything (besides ice and bug are both good STABs to have) if you have the stats and movepool.

since when can they make pokemon?
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CakeOfLies posted...
Yeah. Ice/Rock too. 4x weakness to Steel? Sold!

And fire

Fire would not be a weakness for Ice/Rock.

Oh, and gotta love how Fire is considered an annoying weakness, let it's bad to BE a Fire-type.

Except that there's plenty of good Fire types out there, it's one of the most abundant types in the game, etc etc.

Not really. Its the 9th most common type. That's far from one of the most abundant. But I agree Fire type is a good typing. It's just currently cursed by the game's lack of Grass, Ice, and Bug types and it lack of Steel type moves
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