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ATTN Serebii: What are your thoughts on the authenticity of the new Mewtwo form?

#1EnferolunosPosted 4/3/2013 7:36:50 PM
This isn't accusatory, it's just curious. I was wondering if you had any info we didn't have.
You mention that it matches things about what has been said about the movie, do you think it's likely that it's real? I wasn't sure if you just posted it because it's convincing and not disproven yet, or if there's any reason it might be real.
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#2jayman7Posted 4/3/2013 7:37:55 PM
Multiple times today I have seen Serebii say he isn't sure. Unless something has changed since then...
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#3UltimaZangetsuPosted 4/3/2013 7:38:38 PM
Serebii posted...
Basically, yesterday I was discussing with one of my translators how everything is pointing to a Mewtwo form.

This is why I posted it, because there's so much evidence fitting it

1. The trailer excerpt, stating that we don't know the real Mewtwo yet. We had similar taglines for both Keldeo and Kyurem before we saw its form.
2. CoroCoro has been promising a special surprise within a poster in their issue on April 15th
3. Masuda revealing something away from the new Pokémon Golgo reveals in Smash on Saturday

I, too, hope it's fake. However, there's a lot backing it up

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