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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

#411willingmessPosted 4/10/2013 7:45:04 PM
Serah: (Muahahahahaha! Teehee! My plan worked! Things certainly do seem better with this hug) Now... isn't everybody feeling much better now?
#412TVirusPredatorPosted 4/10/2013 7:45:45 PM
You know, I've had an idea on a story post, and this is still my only post for the day, and it's just to say I'm going to bed. >_>

I blame chores... and Kid Icarus: Uprising...

I'll see if I can do a story post before I get called to bed.
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#413TVirusPredatorPosted 4/10/2013 8:03:54 PM
Pryce and his group had been wandering for three months, traveling in the direction Dhalsim's compass pointed, until they came upon a familiar sight that they wished they could forget.

"Pudveil..." Pryce said in disbelief. They all knew nothing was left, but they didn't imagine this expanse of black where a city used to be.

Sadie wandered close to the center of where the city used to be, followed by Katherine. "...I just wish..." Sadie said. "...that I could have saved more..."

" did what you could," Katherine said. "And no one could ask more, not even those you couldn't have saved." She then looked toward the center of the black, and smiled. "And the dirty little secret about life?"

Sadie then looked at Katherine, who kept her gaze on the center of the black.

"It has a way of going on."

Sadie then looked where her mother was looking, and noticed it. A small, green sprout, growing among the ash. Upon seeing this, she smiled.

Eventually, the others caught up. "Hey," Pryce said. "We've gotta move. This isn't exactly the best place to set up camp."

"Just a moment." Katherine said. "Remember what we talked about... back home?"

"I don't think we should do it now. Given..."

"I don't think shifting will affect it."

"Affect what?" Sadie asked.

Pryce and Katherine then looked hard at each other.

We have to tell her. Pryce thought. If we hold it off, she'll just be angrier.

Yeah, I know... Katherine thought, before turning to Sadie. "Sadie," she said. "There's something we need to tell you."

There's only one way to make sure you're a mature gamer.
Ignore the ESRB rating, and ask yourself: Is this game fun?
#414OcarinaofToastPosted 4/10/2013 8:19:09 PM
Man, I really should have written more today. :(

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#415Gubbey(Topic Creator)Posted 4/10/2013 8:24:04 PM
OcarinaofToast posted...
Man, I really should have written more today. :(


Nighty-night ^_^
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[---Case 7 --- Something Honest]
(Case Finale Part 6)

''Alright! Continue cleaning the park!''
Said the ever diligent Janitor that lead the Clean Up Crew within their adventures through the park.

''Yes, for stains are always what will bring us down!''
Responded the large Biberal Petite rode.

And through the calm, cold night, the two continued to lead the ever diligent members of the cleaning crew. Ever spotting every piece of litter, stain, and objects that soiled the ever green grass, and sparkling lakes.

All the while, failing to notice a wonderful view of the aurora filled sky. That through the combination of imaginative Magic, and Scientific inspiration, came to be.. For their work required absolute diligence, with the cost of losing the view of simplistic beauty.

But, as hope was lost for them, a veil finally decided.
And after pacing within the air, the being of the background knew.
That the view of all, should be appreciated with a moment of silence..

I must..
..and maybe..
I can.. come back..
But.. this calm..
I ..don't want to..
..lose it..

It continued to float on course, gracing the beings that looked at it with the view of a play within a school. That both Pokemon, hybrids, and humans are apart of..

(A star)

The upper backdrop was now of stars, while the lower backdrop resembled the moon!
And with the Two actors on stage, shining brightly under the purely white lights from above.
They spoke, all within a glass dome.

Scientist 1------''And so..''
Scientist 2------''As we see many who abuse such powers..''
Scientist 1------''We thought a thought...''

The stage started to brighten.

Scientist 2------''Which turned into an idea..''

A number of large disks could be seen.

Scientist 1------''And became a realization..

With the dome being pulled back up, and the props that gave a look of a factory came into sight..
The music started to play.

''For glory will be sought by all.''

The other cast members, both pokemon, hybrid, and human, clothed within such clothing resembling that of science, and labor came out of the darkness!

''Even us, them, and those that stay above.''

The disks were readied!

''But, as we still have a say..''

The Props were shown!

''When all else claim otherwise,''

The Crowd kept silent!

''We will shine with integrity!''

Anxiety was everywhere!

''Shine without regret!''

Marknam' feared!

''For through our might! ''

Cassandra hissed at the Hooligans!

''The wall of denial has been broken!''

The Crowd Gasped!

''And we have finally come to terms,''

The Cameras continued to roll!

''With a simple part, of who we are!''

And within the uncertainty of the Cast, the Crowd, and the Backstage, the Zipper trained by the Graduate took action!

---Lagoon Colosseum---
(In the familiar field)

While others watched the broadcast of the play, Pepper Ringles, the disgraced 'Final Boss' of the Ring, sat within the Palm Tree leaf roofed bunkers of the tropic island colosseum, seeing the fights begin within the hot day!

The crowd sees the battle between two brawny men, while the Announcer commentates the action!

Announcer-----''And there goes an uppercut!''

Announcer-----''But only to be responded with a Kick!''

Announcer-----''Youza! He went for dark!''

Announcer-----''He got back up!''

Announcer------''Such unstoppable force!''

And the crowd cheered on, seeing the matches fill the human fighters with blood, swells, and sweat. All part of the beauty that comes from action, assertion, and strife!

[Conclusion of the play is next.. tomorrow..]
#417ChangliniPosted 4/10/2013 8:51:46 PM
Goodnight everyone!
#418Gubbey(Topic Creator)Posted 4/10/2013 8:57:04 PM
Changlini posted...
Goodnight everyone!

Good noight matey!
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#419Gubbey(Topic Creator)Posted 4/11/2013 1:16:30 AM
"How about Wellspring Cave?" Belial suggested as soared through the skies, Mephistopheles in his hand.

"...Too wet," the demon boy responded. "Besides, I don't want to be reminded of... That time. How about Sinnoh's Victory road?"

"Far too dangerous," Belial answered. "The wild Pokémon there are some of the strongest in the region, and have foul tempers to boot. Plus, too much traffic by humans."

Dusknoir then piped up. "How about Meteor Falls? In Hoenn? I've always liked that place."

"Hmm... Water readily available, not too far from a city, pretty expansive," Mephistopheles replied. "I like it. How about you, Father?"

"I agree as well," Belial answered. After checking the position of the sun in the sky, he turned and flew in the direction of Hoenn.


Belial was careful to remain out of site of the curious residents of Rustboro City as he flew overhead. But his immense bulk still cast a fast-moving shadow over the city, bewildering its citizens for a little bit.

They had finally arrived at Meteor Falls, exhausted as Belial alighted. He gently placed his son on the rough, rocky grounds.

"Aah, sitting in your hand is hard work!" Mephistopheles jested, though he really was tired. "I think I'll just crash for a little while inside... You coming inside, too?"

"Not yet," Belial answered. "I... Have something to do. It's probably nothing."

"Can't I come with you?" Mephistopheles asked, concerned. "I know that look. It's means--"

"Like I said, it's probably nothing. Just wait here... I'll be back in no time." After embracing his son, Belial took to the skies.

All the while, Mephistopheles sat, chin on his knees, worried.

~*To be Continued*~
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#420Gubbey(Topic Creator)Posted 4/11/2013 2:22:04 AM
Soon, Mephistopheles grew bored of waiting and worrying, and sat up. He faced toward the cave, deep in thought.

"Planning some mischief?" Dusknoir asked, his tone ambiguous.

"Not this time," Mephistopheles answered. "I'm going to have a look around inside this cave. It would certainly be nice to be able to clear some area and scout the place."

"Shall I come with you?"

"Of course, Dusky! Wouldn't be the same without you."

So the demon mixture and Dusknoir ventured inside, showing no signs of trepidation. As they examined a waterfall, admiring the wonders of nature, Mephistopheles felt something.

"I'm getting a funny feeling, Dusky," Mephistopheles spoke hurriedly. "Not ha-ha funny, either. In fact, it feels really familiar."

"You don't think it's..."

"Fiddlestyx," Mephistopheles cursed, rushing deeper into the cave. Sure enough he found what he had suspected he felt...

"Why do portals to Hell always appear inside caves, anyway?" Dusknoir inquired, his voice barely comprehensible among the eerie humming of the bright red portal. It lit the darkness of the cave, yet it somehow felt more oppressive.

"Nice and out of the way, away from prying eyes," Mephistopheles answered, surprisingly relaxed. "Not our prying eyes, though."

"Well, do your thing, then."

Mephistopheles simply nodded, and gestured his hand in front of the portal...

Nothing happened.

He tilted his in confusion, and tried again. The portal simply glowed in response.

"Fiddlestyx," Mephistopheles cursed once again. "This is not good."
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