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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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3 years ago#91
The group entered the next city.Emile saw a necklace with a small,blue orb on the necklace.She picked it up,and she put it on her neck.

Emile:You know,this necklace looks pretty.Whenever we get to the city,the citizens will think Markus is a human.Lace is a hybrid.They'll technically be Decoys to make the citizens think that hybrid racism is wrong.

While she was talking,a white beam came out of her necklace.It hit Tableflip,and it turned him into a substitute doll.

Lace:I think this is a REAL substitute.

Markus:I think that is a Decoy Orb.It appears that your necklace is an orblace.There is only one orb,though,so you should complete it.

Emile:I guess I can just activate the orbs by saying words.Like I said-that-and then Tab became a substitute doll.I wonder if he'll ever turn back...

Emile picked up the Substitute Doll.

Markus:Do not worry,the effect is only temporary.
I don't even know anymore.
3 years ago#92
The group walked through the city.Out of nowhere,Tableflip turned back while Emile was holding him.

Tableflip:Uh...this is weird.

Emile blushed as she put Tableflip down.In the distance,they saw a human and hybrid.
I don't even know anymore.
3 years ago#93
(Gotta get that play started by tomorrow >.>)
(Along with sorting out that Kyurem Vs. Planet case)

[---New Guard Institute---]
(Case 7 --- Something Honest)

What deserves justice?
What deserves forgiveness?
Who are we to judge?

For being a force of Judgement should require absolute neutrality.
Both for a God, and for a Human.

But who am I to speak such things?

Marknam'----''Alright, it's been a lot of hours now, and my patience is wearing thin!''
Student-------''Then why the Lass don't you just stop telling me to stop talking!''
Marknam'----''And become insane?!''
Student-------''Just listen to me!''

Marknam', knowing that the preventative measures weren't getting them anywhere, agreed to listen to the person's troubles. And within the room where a picture of Martini, Ycre, Goodman, and Marknam' showed the final moments of the Theater of the long gone NGI lied on her personal table, the student takes action!.

Student------''It.. it was.. it's just..''
Marknam'---''Dude, it can not be that hard to-''
Student------''EVERY TIME I try to explain it, I just can't do it!''

Now knowing that there's hostility, a Seviper readies to use her fangs, dipped in a medical drug substance, to bite the normal student within Black Uniform, along with a White Orb Pin.

Marknam'---''Alright, Continue..''

With another sigh, the student continues.
But outside the door, a white veil like entity of the Background, who didn't suck essence from all, but instead rejuvenated others, slowly floated past the lockers, over the checkered floor tiles, to only stop to think!

..what.. who was I.. looking for?

It looks at the door, getting a terrible feeling of... of regret for realizing something too early, for questioning the greater form of Life, meaning, existence, for even dare thinking more of it, thinking of the possibilities of the afterlife, for realizing something that drives a few insane!

..I.. Feel sad..
Maybe.. I should..

[Alright, Kyurem's next, then back to this, and possibly a mention on that failed Team Plasma Attack that ThatPersonGuy did, just because I feel horrible for not mentioning it >.>]
3 years ago#94
I hate procrastinating... :(

*realiszes there's 300+ posts to read*

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3 years ago#95
OcarinaofToast posted...
I hate procrastinating... :(

*realiszes there's 300+ posts to read*


You just need to Read the Recent Events I made for my group, so that should relieve you of posts to read.


--all of the regions have been liberated.
--the main group split, some going after vortex.
--Gaul captured Kyurem & Poli, but after doing some things to them, he left Kyurem in LotSS(Where it awaits a trial by the public), and had Poli go into the third existence(Which looks a lot like the Entreelink btw).
--And TableFlip met a new character.
--Jace got possessed by Darkrai, and is currently off to find Poli Draxil.
--Monicle, with the help of others, found a way to kill angels and Demons through ways that any human with a good hand can do.
--Octillery actually acted nice with Kyurem, due to being depressed for a moment.
--Daily life in the LotSS goes on as somewhat usual, with Petite Cleaning the House of Sonya(Where is she exactly btw?).
--Octillery, with help, successfully prevented Orre from being partly engulfed by the craziness of the untamed Distortion world, by tinkering with the brain of the Pure Shadow Giratina.
--Team P is trying to finally bring down LotSS by its knees.
--Zade's within the SS Anne, with other SoUL members.

Anyways, I do think that's it.
Now, I have no clue where Genesect Poli is though.. Probably still in Unova..
3 years ago#96
Going to sleep.
I don't even know anymore.
3 years ago#97
I hereby accept Changlini as my lord and savior. ;-;
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Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity ~ People who support OcarinaxKrystal: 5 People who don't: 3 ~ OREALLY?
3 years ago#98
I'm out. I if you didn't notice I made a new Registration topic, hope i did it right. Now, Good night.
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3 years ago#99
..Thank you, just hope that you start to become active again, this thread needs your activity!

TableFlip posted...
Going to sleep.

Still working on a response for your thread back in the secret board though.
*Continues to work on it*
3 years ago#100
I'm goin to bed. Maybe I can think of some ideas while I sleep.
Official Fennekin of every board. =~_^=
Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity ~ People who support OcarinaxKrystal: 5 People who don't: 3 ~ OREALLY?
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