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Yet another "what do you think Sylveon's type will be" topic

#11Arne83Posted 4/5/2013 4:21:44 PM
Flying or new type seem the most likely. But because I don't even want think about anything possibly being new type until they actually announce that there's going to be one... Flying.
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#12NejiHyuga900Posted 4/5/2013 4:22:39 PM
Either a Flying type or a new type: Light, Magic, or Fairy. It's been so long since a new type existed and the last new types (that I know) were Dark and Steel from Generation II games. (Oh, and there are Shadow-type attacks in Pokémon Colosseum).
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#13ThatKippPosted 4/5/2013 4:25:57 PM
Bug or Flying.
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#14Capitan_KidPosted 4/5/2013 4:31:11 PM
Emerald_Melios posted...

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#15RadioRebelPosted 4/5/2013 4:58:39 PM
jayman7 posted...
Relient_K posted...
jayman7 posted...
Bug or Flying. And shame on you for including Steel on the list and not Bug.

The first thing I thought when I saw its name was "Silver". Makes sense to me. It is most certainly not a bug type.

So a misspelled version of the English name (and none of the other alternate-language names) means more than butterfly-shaped ribbons that, in the back, resemble antennae, big pale eyes, or a name that can work as insect references in every language. Yeah, sure.

As quick as I was to jump on the bug bandwagon, the German name contains the word for fairy. Sorry dude, it's not Bug unless someone on the German localization team screwed up big time. Also those "butterfly shaped ribbons" are called bows, and I think you'll find they're usually shaped like that.

I'm usually the first person to tell people not to claim to know whether something will or won't happen for sure, but let's be reasonable here - literally every one of its names refers to fairies/spirits. If it doesn't resemble the type and that type has no connection to fairies, it's not going to be that type.

It's either Normal, Flying, Ghost, or a new type. Those are the only possibilities, and anyone arguing for anything else is just being foolish at this point.
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#16jayman7Posted 4/5/2013 5:35:34 PM(edited)
Did you forget the context? I didn't say anything remotely like "OMG BUG IS 115% CONFARMED FOR ALL OF EVER AND EVAR!!11"

My intention was more along the lines of "Steel??! You leave off Bug but include freaking Steel??! of all things?! I can name multiple reasons why Bug is a valid option, and only one why Steel is in any way a valid option, and it's a very weak reason that applies to exactly one language."

Thus, anything you just said is meaningless in context unless you're supporting Steel.

And I'm not even saying it can't be Steel. Just that I consider it an unlikely option, and Bug isn't the only option left off the poll I consider more likely. You get ten options when you create a poll, and there are ten unused existing types. TC could have made a better poll.

That said though,

RadioRebel posted...
It's either Normal, Flying, Ghost, or a new type. Those are the only possibilities, and anyone arguing for anything else is just being foolish at this point.

Are you prepared to eat those words? You need to be prepared to eat those words. I will quote them in your face if Sylveon isn't one of those types, mark my words. And I support Flying.

I have never said anything of the sort regarding any (realistic) type. I have never said anything of the sort regarding Rock, the existing type (other than those already covered by Eeveelutions) I consider least likely. Those are words that are all too likely to haunt you.

(FOR REFERENCE: I consider Rock the least likely option. I consider Normal the most disappointing, but not the least likely.)
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