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Best looking Shiny?

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3 years ago#31
I accept your opinion, but disagree with it.
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3 years ago#32
Guys it's Ryhorn, It's pink like that episode of the anime with the island of pink pokemon. Now was this an intentional nod? I have nno idea but its' still really cool..
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3 years ago#33
Shiny Male Weavile /shot
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3 years ago#34
Rayquaza and Haxorus are both cooler IMO, but I respect your opinion.
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3 years ago#35
dwdwdw6 posted...
Easily and I mean EASILY Black Charizard and Black Rayquaza.

and Magikarp
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3 years ago#36
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3 years ago#37
My option: None of them. I vote bacon. Shiny Bacon... mmmmm...
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