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Which gen had your favorite starters?

#1LightningAce11Posted 4/6/2013 3:30:13 PM
Gen 4 for me. It seems like they put a lot of work into son Goku, the penguin and world turtle. They look good and they have good stats, typing and a pretty good movepool.
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#2CakeOfLiesPosted 4/6/2013 3:31:17 PM
Gen 3.
I always loved them, but after my Hoenn Starter run in White 2 a few days ago, I really respect all three of them even more now.
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#3SOLDIER_BankaiPosted 4/6/2013 3:31:27 PM
Gen 1, because Charizard.

Gen 5 takes a close second with Samurott though.
#4Rose_MagePosted 4/6/2013 3:37:11 PM
Gen 2.
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#5DaemonscharmPosted 4/6/2013 3:37:47 PM
Gen 3 had Mudkip so Gen 3.
#6Hydra_Gundam_Posted 4/6/2013 3:38:40 PM
Rose_Mage posted...
Gen 2.

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#7NegaZeldaPosted 4/6/2013 3:39:38 PM
Gen 3. Swampert being my fave Pokemon. Sorta goes like this overall:

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#8Sir WillPosted 4/6/2013 3:41:33 PM(edited)
I'd say gen 4. Not a big fan of piplup's line (especially considering how annoying piplup is in the anime), but turtwig's line is great and a I love chimchar.

4 > 3 > 1 > 2 = 5
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#9PaltheosPosted 4/8/2013 8:56:15 PM
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#10themagicpainmanPosted 4/8/2013 8:57:20 PM
3 = 4 > 1 > 5 > 2

For me anyways.
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