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Which gen had your favorite starters?

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User Info: Sludgy

3 years ago#101
Gen 4 for me. In order its probably


User Info: Hejiru

3 years ago#102
I'm not a genwunner or anything, but I have to say 1st Gen had the best starters by far.
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User Info: gamingrat

3 years ago#103
i have to say that it is gen 3, not just for starters but because many of my favorite pokemon come from this gen. if i had to rank them it would probably be 3>4>1=2>5

User Info: ArtosRC

3 years ago#104
1 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 2
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User Info: TheWiseliestOne

3 years ago#105
My favorite starters would be a tie between 3rd and 5th generation.
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User Info: Sackboy4mvp

3 years ago#106
Gen 1...Charmander then ultimately CHARIZARD
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Gandalf the Istari 3 years ago#107

In terms of thinking of all three:


User Info: vchu8

3 years ago#108
Gen 1 for me. Charizard's my favorite Pokemon, Blastoise is a freaking awesome design, and Venusaur is pretty solid.

Though, I have plenty of favorites dotted throughout the rest of the gens as well. Gen 5 could've easily been my favorite as a set if Emboar was Fire/Dark instead of Fire/Fighting, Samurott had a Fighting subtype, and all three were just a tiny bit more useful. Gen 2 and 4 are really solid as well, and 3 has the Mudkip and Treecko line. But still, 1 has my all time favorite Pokemon and two other good starters, so I have to go with it.

User Info: ClarkyMalarky

3 years ago#109
Rose_Mage posted...
Gen 2.
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User Info: Dej_Viridi16vU

3 years ago#110
The first gen did, overall. My favorite starter is in gen 2.
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