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Which gen had your favorite starters?

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3 years ago#51
Gen 3.
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3 years ago#52
Generation 3
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3 years ago#53
Gen 2, i liked all of them quite a bit in that gen
3 years ago#54
Gen 3.
3 years ago#55
Rose_Mage posted...
Gen 2.
3 years ago#56
gen 2 easy
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3 years ago#57
Gen 1, because Charizard and Blastoise

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3 years ago#58
For me 3>2>1=4=5

I liked 3 the best, 2 close second, and didn't really care for the rest.
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3 years ago#59
I like all starters actually!
Except for Chickorita..
3 years ago#60
Gen I: Charmander is adorable, but Charizard is pretty meh for me. Bulbasaur and Squirtle both have awesome designs for every evolutionary stage.

Gen II: Cyndaquil is garbage, Totodile is the cutest mother****er ever, Meganium is fabulous and probably my favourite final form starter.

Gen III: Has Mudkipz, which is an obvious plus. Swampert's pretty bleh though. Torchic's a creepy bipedal chicken man; no thanks. Treecko is just average.

Gen IV: Empoleon is amazing, Chimchar is an abomination, and Turtwig's whole line is freaking awesome.

Gen V: Oshawott is ugly as hell. Final stage is pretty cool though. Tepig is cute but becomes bland upon evolving. Snivy's whole line is pretty strange to me. I don't like him.

They all have their good and bad points, but I'd say the one whose good points outweigh the bad points the most is probably Gen I.
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