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I went from completely hating it...

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User Info: Coop14

4 years ago#11
From: Hierarchy225 | #008
Coop14 posted...
To actually liking it. It honestly doesn't look half bad. I find myself really liking it actually O.o

Thats nice. What changed your mind about it OP?

Part of it was its simplistic/elegant style.

Sure its change, and I mean change is inevitable.

Overall its good, I just want more info FFS
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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#12
I really like it.

For me to love it however, it would have to be a completely new Pokemon and not just a form change.
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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#13
I honestly think the poster was just unflattering. Never been a fan of the anime art anyway. But I'm just nitpicking.
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