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Favorite Gen VI Pokemon so far?

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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#51
I guess...
But it's all really close, I love all of them so far :/
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User Info: Luigifan141

4 years ago#52
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User Info: Mudkip43

4 years ago#53
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#54
Yveltal is a badass. I hope he's Dark/Fire
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User Info: J-Don-Bonne

4 years ago#55
makedounia posted...
Still Chespin
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User Info: leopoldshark

4 years ago#56
Yveltal, but he has the advantage of being a legendary which generally hvae much cooler designs.

Non-legendary wise, I do like Froakie. I do like the cloud thing that he has going on.

User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#57
Chespin 43
Fennekin 38
Froakie 43

That's my frog!

Yveltal's cool too, I guess...

User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#58
>Fennekin is the least popular starter

WTF guys?
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User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 years ago#60
DoctorJimmy133 posted...
>Fennekin is the least popular starter

WTF guys?

Just because he is losing to Chespin and Froakie doesn't mean that Fennekin is less popular. The majority are voting Yveltal/Sylveon. Many of those people may also be Fennekin fans.
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