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Do you care about using legendaries on your in-game team?

#11endergamer537(Topic Creator)Posted 4/6/2013 10:40:44 PM
scrappybristol posted...
Lexifox posted...
I dislike them because generally speaking

A. They're too strong and thus ruin the challenge of the game.
B. They're too hard to catch (catch rate) and I don't really care to deal with that hassle.

Pokemon can be challenging?

Challenge Mode was decently harder if you used a full team, but not really.
And HGSS is hard because of the horrible leveling curve that results in you being way underleveled for the Gyms if you don't grind.
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#12Torru369Posted 4/6/2013 10:47:21 PM
I never care for shear power being put in my hands no matter what I play. So I usually use legendaries only if they really appeal to me.
#13KyrieIrvingPosted 4/6/2013 10:52:29 PM
I use them because it makes me feel like a Pokemon master.
#14Brandon042487Posted 4/6/2013 10:53:09 PM
Lol only kids use legendary pokemon ingame...Just Kidding

Honestly I don't use legendaries for the ingame I feel a legendary will make it way to easy.
#15ThatKippPosted 4/6/2013 11:03:21 PM
I don't use them, because it's boring to OHKO everything even when your attack is resisted. It feels like I'm playing with training wheels.
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