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If Sylveon managed the PC system in Kanto, it would be Billveon

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User Info: ArmandoXIIIl

4 years ago#1
If Sylveon was a water type, it would be Gillveon
Formerly DoctorTitor

User Info: pbandjames

4 years ago#2
You will burn at the stake for these puns that you make!

And Grillveon will do the burning!
Game news is the best news.

User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#3
If Sylveon was an addict, it would be Pillveon
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User Info: AlI_About_The_U

4 years ago#4
If Sylveon were from the western region of Philadelphia, and was forced to move to a certain upper-class community in Los Angeles, it would be Willveon.

User Info: leopoldshark

4 years ago#5
If Sylveon was a form of tiny plankton that Wailords love to eat, she'd be Krillveon.

If Sylveon were a pickle, she'd be Dillveon.

If Sylveon were a form of 1920's entertainment, she'd be Vaudevillveon.

User Info: UltimaZangetsu

4 years ago#6
If Sylveon were to pierce the heavens, it would be Drillveon
"Whoa! Heads up, detecting high levels of space chickens."
"No! Space chickens are a surgeon's worst nightmare."

User Info: CharizardFang

4 years ago#7
If Sylveon had murderous intent, it would be Killveon

User Info: H-L-W

4 years ago#8
If Sylveon were a Steel type, it'd be Silveon.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#9
If sylveon was a rabid fanboy it would be a shillveon.
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User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#10
If Sylveon couldn't move, it would be Stillveon.
Yeah, that's a problem games had back then. You actually had to get good at them. - Mctias
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  3. If Sylveon managed the PC system in Kanto, it would be Billveon

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